IIP Family Collection  x  PnP Mall

[IIP - Private Label]

The name “IIP” came up with the idea from two sisters’ initial starting at Letter “P”.

"IIP Family" was first created and introduced in 2021. “IIP Family” represents Joyful, Happiness and Family’s Harmony.

There are 21 characters in the IIP Family at the moments, including Daddy, Mummy, Baby, Smily, Happy, Lovely, Smarty, Beauty, Pretty, Lonely, Buddy, Haughty Sweetie, Naughty, Moody, Brainy, Speedy, Wheezy, Witty, Cloudy & Tricky. Their names are based on adjectives that emphasis their facial expression.

IIP Family” began as Art Pieces and expanded into everyday products, such as Home Decoration Art Piece, Coffee Cup Set, Bags & so on….